The “High Seas Treaty”

Congratulations to all who have continuously worked to protect our oceans, paving the way for a unique global agreement. March 2023 is a month of hope, a victory for diplomacy, and a ray of hope for our oceans and us humans living on this beautiful blue planet. UN delegates reached a historic agreement to protect marine biodiversity in international waters, referred to by many – though not officially – as the „High Seas Treaty.“ … Continue readingThe “High Seas Treaty”

The Andaman Sea: A Natural Wonder That Must Be Protected to Achieve SDGs

the Andaman Sea is a natural wonder that must be protected to achieve SDG 14: Life Below Water. The sea and its ecosystem are under threat from human activity, including tourism, overfishing, and climate change. It is necessary to promote ecological sustainability and take action to address these challenges. As individuals, we have a responsibility to support sustainable practices and spread awareness of the importance of protecting the environment. By doing so, we can ensure the Andaman Sea and its marine life remain a beautiful and vital part of our world for future generations. … Continue readingThe Andaman Sea: A Natural Wonder That Must Be Protected to Achieve SDGs

Voices: Jochen Werne

Expedition Andaman Sea aims to promote international understanding and support international relations by creating awareness about the geopolitical importance of the Andaman Sea region. As part of this goal, the expedition will lay a wreath to honor and commemorate those who have served and engaged themselves for peace in the Andaman Sea. This gesture serves to underscore the importance of peace and stability in the region and the efforts of those who have worked towards this goal … Continue readingVoices: Jochen Werne

Environmental Awareness Projects we support: A LIFE FOR THE OCEAN

With powerful images and stirring narration, this book inspires enthusiasm for the ocean on every page. Open and dive into ten stories about the heroes of the seas: people who have dedicated their lives to the ocean.
The authors accompanied them on their mission and interviewed them. Scientists, activists and extreme athletes who fight for the oceans – some at the risk of their lives. … Continue readingEnvironmental Awareness Projects we support: A LIFE FOR THE OCEAN

111 days till Expedition Andaman Sea

This expedition is not just about exploring the natural beauty of the region, but also about promoting international understanding and environmental awareness. As part of the expedition, we will be holding a wreath laying ceremony to honor those who have worked towards peace and conservation in the Andaman Sea. This ceremony will be a tribute to the rich culture and values of Thailand and its people, who play a vital role in the preservation of the Andaman Sea. … Continue reading111 days till Expedition Andaman Sea