Expedition Corps

Since more than 20 years the members of the Global Offshore Sailing Team are not only passionate about offshore sailing, but also dedicate their time and resources to promoting international understanding and creating environmental awareness.

The Offshore Team as to be seen below is supported by a great on-shore team. Without the teamwork of both units a success of such a mission would not be possible.

Guido Zoeller – Fleet Admiral & Co-Founder GOST

Guido Zoeller

“The Andaman Sea is a vital and diverse maritime ecosystem that is essential to the health and productivity of the region. From its abundant marine life to its stunning coral reefs, the Andaman Sea is a treasure worth protecting. The protection of this ecosystem is closely tied to the United Nations‘ sustainable development goals, and it is a major goal of Expedition Andaman Sea to promote these goals and the initiatives being undertaken to support them. Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure and help us raise awareness about the importance of preserving the beauty and prosperity of the Andaman Sea for generations to come.“

Jochen Werne – Expedition Leader, Skipper & Co-Founder GOST

Jochen Werne

Expedition Andaman Sea aims to promote international understanding and support international relations by creating awareness about the geopolitical importance of the Andaman Sea region. As part of this goal, the expedition will lay a wreath to honor and commemorate those who have served and engaged themselves for peace in the Andaman Sea. This gesture serves to underscore the importance of peace and stability in the region and the efforts of those who have worked towards this goal.

Dr. Benon Z. Janos – XO & Watch Captain Starboard II

Dr. Benon Z. Janos

Dr. Marco Schroeter – Chief Liaison Officer to Thailand – Starboard I

Dr. Marco Schroeter 

Viktor Metz – Chief Logistics Officer – Starboard l

Viktor Metz

Christoph Impekoven – Chief UN-SDG Officer – Starboard I

Christoph Impekoven

“As passionate sailors we are inherently connected with the sea which is absorbing 30% of all carbon emissions, hence it’s our duty to protect the natural habitat for millions of wildlife species and 3.3 billion people who depend on our oceans.”

Joachim Kreysing – Chief Documentation Officer – Starboard II

Joachim Kreysing

Sven O. Mueller – Chief Shore Coordinator – Starboard II

Sven O. Mueller

Sascha Adam – Decksmaster – Starboard II

Sascha Adam

Sven Streiter – Chief Engineer – Starboard I

Sven Streiter