Environmental Awareness Projects we support: A LIFE FOR THE OCEAN

With powerful images and stirring narration, this book inspires enthusiasm for the ocean on every page. Open and dive into ten stories about the heroes of the seas: people who have dedicated their lives to the ocean.
The authors accompanied them on their mission and interviewed them. Scientists, activists and extreme athletes who fight for the oceans – some at the risk of their lives.

Support the authors with your pre-order!

Call for action by the authors Florian Sturm & Christian Wiegand:

Only with your trust can we realise this book. Because there is no big publishing house behind „A Life for the Ocean“. We are a small team that wants to tell ten exciting stories for you with passion, curiosity and a lot of enthusiasm. However, we can’t afford the production and especially the printing costs on our own. That’s why you can pre-order „A Life for the Ocean“ now. As soon as we have received enough pre-orders, we will really get to work and produce the book from A to Z. If we receive enough pre-orders by 31 March, we will produce the book from A to Z. If we don’t receive enough pre-orders by 31.03.2023 to be able to produce the book, you will of course get your money back.

The Team of Expedition Andaman Sea already ordered a book on the website and we hope many will follow to support this outstanding project.

Jochen Werne – Expedition Leader



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